Tips to Make Relocating Easier

Whether you are months or days away from your move, we’ve got tips to help make it easier!

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Moving to a new state for work? Planning to live closer to family? Whatever your reason, relocating to a new city or state can be stressful, especially if you’re unable to be there throughout the homebuying process. Don’t worry! Our clients become our family, and our team is here to make your move as seamless as possible. And reminder: We know realtors across the nation and would be glad to make a recommendation!
Whether you are months or days away from your move, we’ve got tips to help make it easier! Here are a few items to remember:

Pack an “Essentials” Bag

When packing up for your move, it’s easy to throw everything in boxes without a second thought! Before you do that, pack a bag for essential items in case there is a delay with your moving company or in case you need them on your trip. This bag should contain sentimental items you can’t live without, important documents and a few changes of clothes!

Make Donation/Selling Arrangements

Before you begin packing, a good first step is to sort through your items and separate anything that is no longer wanted. Don’t leave this until the last minute! For bigger items like furniture, many donation locations require you schedule a pick-up time in advance. Planning for this ahead of time will also allow you more flexibility for selling any unwanted items.
Local to the Austin-area and want some help hauling your unwanted items? We’ve got you covered! Here are a couple recommendations we have to help you clear out your home:

Research Pet License Requirements

Moving with a pet? You’ll need to purchase an updated dog tag! Don’t forget to check your new location’s requirements for pet licenses. It’s possible that the location you are moving to has different vaccination requirements, as well. Researching this before you move will save you time and stress as you’re settling into your new home.

Make Time to Explore

It’s normal to get overwhelmed with the stress of relocating and packing/unpacking all your belongings, but it’s important to take some time and get to know your new area! In the first few days at your new home, try a few local restaurants and take a walk around your neighborhood. It’s also the time to get connected with your new community! Joining apps like Nextdoor and searching for online neighborhood groups like Facebook Mom’s Groups are great ways to get involved in your community. This will help you adjust to your new location and will give you a break from your to-do list.
We’ve helped many clients through the process of relocating. In this video, our client Nancy shares her experience working with us during her move from Chicago to Austin!
Do you have questions about relocating or are you interested in learning how we can help you through the process? Don’t hesitate to contact us!
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